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The main focus of the study was concerned with the correlation of alcoholism on family disintegration among diverse socio-cultural groups. The study aimed at finding out the impact of parental alcoholism on children. The primary aim of this study was to investigate the effect of different drinking patterns in an Irish population on ability to cope with stress. Coping ability comprised approach coping responses, avoidance coping responses Children of Alcoholics have been considered at risk for centuries.

Studies examining the children of alcoholics have been criticised on methodological grounds. This paper intends to give a brief overview of the major This study explores an understanding of the Lacanian discourses and developmental dynamics as they relate to, in particular, the study of addiction and dependency. The terminology used in the field is discussed. The disembodied spirit in psychotherapy. Although the roots of healing and energy healing are old, the implications of the advancements in the field of quantum physics are strengthening the sense of a paradigm shift from reductionistic and fragmentary methods Disorder or defense: An exploration of the efficacy of early relationships as a model in a relational approach to understanding hoarding behaviour.

Current understanding conceptualizes hoarding as a disorder with a focus on the role of cognitive deficits in executive functioning and beliefs as the underlying cause. Prior to the dominance of the cognitive behavioural Do attitudes in society play a part in the approach to antenatal services?

According to Studies across the UK and Ireland since , there has been extensive identification that drug-dependent women are a distinct group among women using the maternity services. Young, L. The differential impact of parental death on adolescent stress as determined by individual and family coping resources. Anastasia, I. The effects of socioeconomic influences and gender role on job-related personal entitlement and reward allocation patterns : a study of sex attributes.

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Sabella, R. The effectiveness of a developmental guidance unit and self-instruction module about sexual harassment among seventh grade students. Adams, Kathleen Naomi.

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Meers, Betty White. Moses, William L. Trifiletti, Richard M.