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There are five systems that Bronfenbrenner indicates in his theory on child development. The first system in the Ecological Theory is microsystem, which is the child's closest layer.

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The microsystem is the immediate environment in which the child lives in. Any immediate interaction with the child is part of the microsystem, such as at school, day care and with family and peers.

Such relationship can certainly influence a child's development psychologically, biologically, or etc. As a child develops, the child is very susceptible to his or her immediate surroundings and interaction within the microsystem. The ways in which a child is treated within the microsystem and also the ways in which the child reacts are also important factors in the microsystem. The second system is the mesosystem, which is a system that is comprised by the linkages between the microsystems.

Such an example includes the possible connection between a child's immediate surroundings of school and home. More specifically, the connection with a child's school and home is a parent teacher meeting or conference, in which the child is involved in. This will result in the parent not being able to pay rent, buy groceries or even send the child to school which will negatively impact the child development and growth Oswalt, Macrosystem consist of all systems mention above, the cultures, the general beliefs, written and unwritten principles that governs everyone on society behaviours.

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These principles can either be legal, political, economic, religious or educational schoolworkhelper- St. For example: If in a particular culture the belief is that parents should have full responsibility of raising their child, it is highly unlikely that the culture will provide any resources to assist the parent. As a result the structures at which the parent functions will be affected.

The environment is always changing.

Microsystem Bronfenbrenner Analysis Essay Example

Also the timing of environmental change affects the impact. For example: A toodler having a brother or sister will experience different consequence than a schhol-age child with activities and relationships beyond the family. As a child gets older they have the ability to select, modify and create many of their own settings and experiences. This ability depends on the child physical, intellectual, personal characteristics and their environmental opportunities. Children are both products and producers of their environment therefore both the child and the environment form a network of interdependent effects in ecological system theory Brek, So far we have outline Urie Bronfenbrenner ecological systems theory of child development.

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  7. Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory on Child Development Essay Sample | nutlayberi.ml.

Now we will discuss how this theory informs the socialization agents that influence growth and development. Before we get into the discussion we will first define what a socialization agent is.

Ecological Systems Theory Essay

A socialization agent is people like parents, family members, peers, teachers, social institutions like school, community centers and religious institutions that assist with incorporating an individual with society. There are 4 major agents of socialization in society; family, school, community culture and peers. The other agents will be mass media, gender and work.

John Bowlby- Contribution Attachment Theory

All the agents mentioned above are further divided into socialization groups. The groups are primary agents, secondary agents and social class. Primary agents of socialization are made up of people that are very close to the individual like family, teachers and friends. The most important primary agent of socialisation will be the family because they help shape the life, development and behaviour of an individual with in the society.

Secondary agents of socialization are institutions that assist the individual in finding their place within the society.

Bronfenbrenner Ecological Systems Theory

Secondary socialization agents include religious instutions, schools, community centers, work places etc. Social classes will be the lower class, working middle class and higher elite class. In other words social class is dividing an individual within the society Baxamusa, Now there is a better understand of what socialization agents are we can discuss how Urie Bronfenbrenner theory informs them.

However the focus will only be on the socialization agents that influence growth and development.

Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory On Child Development

There are family, educators, schools and community centres. Urie Bronfenbrenner ecological theory informed educators in how to handle and analysis situation that may occur in schools whether it is pre-school, primary or secondary school. For example: Akelia is sitting in an art class using markers to draw pictures. Henderson joins her at the table and begins to cut scrap paper with a scissors. Akelia place a piece of paper in the centre of the desk, now Henderson thought that it was scrap paper and begin to cut it in pieces. Suddenly Akelia punch Henderson in the ribs before the teacher can arrive at the desk.

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  • So instead of punishing Akelia the educator will talk to her parents about her behaviour towards other and try to come to an agreement on how to deal with the situation so Akelia can grow and develop in a more positive way. This approach will be better than punishment because if Akelia is punish it will only make her more hostil. This is because Akelia thinks that her behaviour is right because that is what she knows from home and that is how she developed.