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What this track record of poor performance means is that…… [Read More]. Reflective Journal About Readings. For example, there are informal social languages that can differ significantly from the types of languages that are considered to academic languages. Social languages can consist of foreign language or local informal dialects whereas the academic language is more formalized and needed to become more competent in school in general as they are used in several disciplines.

Halliday is cited as suggesting that language has three purposes in school: The use of language: how to speak, read, write and listen to language Through language: al about the world inside and outside the classroom About language: phonics, grammar, and spelling The social language, being less formal, is learned more naturally and does not necessarily have to be studied.

For example, social language can go on without any formal conventions as people simply communicate…… [Read More]. How to Respond to the Emotional Needs of Others.

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Use that regret to make the rest of your life better. It shows that you are aware and have developed a deeper understanding of things. You have a lot of good things in your life and your experience, for whatever reason, may have been allowed to happen to help you see things afresh. Do you ever feel like things in your life, people, places appear to you in a new light since your accident? If you do, that may be an indication that…… [Read More]. Analyzing the Reflective Essay.

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Self-Growth Taking the self-development path is imperative in order to excel in life. This is true for all social life encounters careers, disciplines or even academics. We must take full responsibility of our lives if we wish to progress. Improving ourselves is a central determiner for improving other area of our lives Simuyemba, According to Hibbert Personal development entails constantly trying to become a better person in terms of personality, knowledge and skills. The process involves recognition of one's weaknesses and developing self-love.

One must abandon the pursuit of the illusion of perfection and stopping to begrudge yourself and others. Learn to see the world through the windows of faith rather than fear. It may involve coming to terms with reality by reconciling experiences and even pain and letting it pass.

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Growing personality is a direct effect of life Puddicombe, in a continuous learning curve; through meditation…… [Read More]. Statistics of Social issues are a reflection of the activities of individuals that identify with, name, describe, gauge, and promote. An extensively known name changes a condition that we take for granted into a situation we regard as disturbing and worth gauging. Simply put, statistics are regarded as a product of social activity. In addition, statistics are social constructs: it is through them that the world is made…… [Read More].

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  5. Nursing doesn't work in an auxiliary role to medicine, but independent of medicine. Nurses provide both direct and indirect care and also manage cases, establish nursing practice standards and procedures for quality assurance and also direct various care systems. The number of nurses in the United States is four times that of physicians and they deliver a wide range of care services including preventive and curative care in such areas as women's health, erotological care, family health and pediatrics Nursing Fact Sheet, As Designers and Providers of Patient-oriented Healthcare As regards healthcare innovation, cross pollination is necessary and does take place between the various sectors in healthcare.

    With increased innovation, patients suffer less and the complexity of healthcare provision is reduced.

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    Further, innovations lead…… [Read More]. A Reflective Piece on Confidence.

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    Life is filled with lessons that early on can lead to effects that last for decades. I remember when I was younger, I was told by a student in class when the teacher called on me, that she should not have asked me to participate in class because I had nothing to say. I was always shy about public speaking and when I heard her say that, it really made me feel like I was voiceless in this world and whatever bothered me or made me angry, I kept inside because I felt no one would listen.

    This stems from early childhood with my family and their inability to really listen to me. I remember when I was 8 or 9 years old, I would say something to my family and they would not even acknowledge what I had said.

    Personal Empowerment through Reflection and Learning - Dr. Craig Mertler - TEDxLakelandUniversity

    Even if I screamed, they would just say I'm misbehaving…… [Read More]. Australian Health Care. Critical Thinking and Analysis Developing critical thinking skills and using those skills to analyze the nursing practices, guidelines and standards provides the individual with the ability and capabilities to advance in a nursing career, helps the individual to assist others in achieving their goals and objectives, and assists the individual in the quest to become a more effective and efficient nurses.

    One recent study determined that nurses can also benefit from enhanced critical thinking skills "by describing the mental processes, or vigilance, nurses use to differentiate the significant from the non-significant observations made with regard to patients" Robert, Petersen, , p.

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    If that is true then critical thinking skills can be quite important to the nurse who is seeking to develop a relationship with his or her patients that provides for the optimum recovery through comprehensive observation. A nurse who understands that thinking through what he or she is…… [Read More]. Life and Death in Shanghai. Life and Death in Shanghai Reflective Study Nien Cheng, a lady of wealth, culture, and social refinement, was unused to the treatment she would ultimately receive at the hands of Mao Zedung's Red Guards. Viewed as a natural enemy to a Communistic regime - based on a measure of wealth and education - the mostly teenaged "Red Guards" invaded homes and workplaces in search of people disloyal to Zedung and the political environment of the day.

    Considered "too aggressive and too independent in mind and spirit for a Chinese woman," Ms. Cheng would be humiliated in "town meetings" where false and unfounded accusations were used to force a confession of subterfuge and espionage, tortured, imprisoned for over 6 years without news of her only daughter, Meiping, who had been murdered by Maoists revolutionaries for refusing to denounce her mother as a spy, and placed under house arrest. The Red Guard…… [Read More]. Human esource Management HM in today's culture is very prominent and important. The most important resource with any organization is the human component and it is of extreme importance to manage and develop this crucial asset in a way that is in alignment with the strategic outlook of that organization.

    The purpose of this reflective essay is to explain and contextualize the major areas of scholarly discussion of Human esources Management. This essay will examine how the following areas impact the organizational performance of an organization by interjecting specific examples of its practices in my own career occupation within the Veterans Administration Call Center. These examples will be used to highlight my own subjective interpretation of the material presented in this course and serve as the criteria to weigh the effectiveness of each area.

    Integrated Corporate Communication and Corporate. Corporate communications involves not just the message, but the idea that communications are managed, and are connected to corporate objectives Cornelissen, Therefore, when communication possibilities were limited, corporate options were limited, and one did not see communications management perspectives that advocated the type of intimate connection between communications and corporate strategy that one sees in a modern context Cornelissen, What this makes clear is that CC is not simply, or even primarily, about communications; it is an overall corporate strategy that helps define how a corporation interacts with the world.

    The emphasis on communication is very different from how corporations were traditionally, historically structured. Traditionally, strategic planning occurred at the top of the corporate structure, management was considered a mid-level activity, and operational control was the function of first-level management, and this corporate strategy was used in most workplaces Oliver, However, as institutional hierarchies were challenged and…… [Read More]. Educational Evaluations in Culturally Diverse.

    This view is reflected in increasing calls for financial equity among schools, desegregation, mainstreaming, and standardized testing for teachers and students alike; it has been maintained that by providing the same education to all students, schools can equalize social opportunity Bowman, This latter position is typically followed up with the use of a particular curriculum designed to support the approach.

    In this regard, Bowman suggests that, "Knowledge is thought to exist in the collected wisdom of a canon, and education is the transferral of established wisdom to the learner" p. Unfortunately, when educators attempt to impose a "one-size-fits-all" curriculum on a diverse study body, there are bound to be problems -- particularly for those students who are already marginalized through language and other socioeconomic constraints. Furthermore, in many ways, the public schools are unique in that they have been assigned the responsibility of communicating what American society regards…… [Read More].

    Economics Course Economics impacts on many areas of life subsequently it will impact on many areas of professional life. The first indicator of the lessons and concepts taught in the class being absorbed and developing into transferable knowledge has emerged with an increased understanding of the way that the economy operates and the influences which are present in the economy that are driving up prices.

    There are many examples of the economic concepts; one example is the way that supply and demand has impacted on oil prices which has had a knock on effect in the economy as…… [Read More]. Conflict Model. Deutsch, Coleman and Marcus , conflict is an inevitable consequence of the human condition. Conflicts betweens humans frequently involve competition over scarce resources, but history has shown time and again that conflicts can occur for virtually any reason and that some people thrive on conflict while others actively avoid it.

    One recent conflict that has gained national attention has been the series of strikes by fast-food workers seeking a higher minimum wage. These strikes have gained momentum and the most recent one in December affected fast food establishments in more than American cities across the country. This paper provides a description of this conflict situation, a description of the social context and participants, and an identification of antecedent conditions to the strikes. An identification of the behavior reflecting the cognition and personalization by individuals of the conflict and identification of a relevant conflict management model, the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict…… [Read More].

    Professional Development Is a Key Component for. Professional development is a key component for the growth of all education professionals. In the reflective paper, the author reviews information updates from the i. It also lays out the regulations regarding format and implementation of the FBAs, including such issues of legitimacy as parent participation in the evaluation and intervention process.

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    In this essay, the author will review a complete assessment and reflect upon the information gained, including what tools were used, what each tool does provide in terms of programming for a student with special needs. Religious Teacher Why Do I. Trees take in carbon dioxide which includes pollution in the air and give off oxygen so we can all breathe, and so God's plan can be carried through. The teaching of values, morals, and discipline must be part of the program for a Catholic teacher, and also the involvement of parents brings the school, the Church, the children and the families together in a fellowship of learning and praying.

    As was mentioned earlier in this section, involving parents in their children's learning activities is a powerful way to keep our faith strong and growing in the context of education and Christianity. This is particularly poignant because on page 9 of the "Our Catholic Schools" one of the major issues facing Catholic education is the "…inadequate home and parish involvement with schools," and we can mitigate this problem by working closely with children to get them inspired enough so they want…… [Read More].

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