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Plus: a second scientist has moved closer to creating gene-edited babies and we remember the first person to walk in space. Current Issue 17 October The crosslinking of oligomeric precursors, controlled by a capping agent, enables the production of moulded crystalline calcium carbonate with continuous structures. Article 16 October Studies of humans, mice and nematodes reveal a conserved role of neural activity and the transcription factor REST in extended longevity.

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The transcription factor TCF7L2 mediates two important responses to nicotine in the medial habenula region of the rodent brain: aversion to nicotine, and regulation of blood sugar levels through a polysynaptic habenula—pancreas circuit. Article 16 October Open Access.

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A high-resolution, global atlas of mortality of children under five years of age between and highlights subnational geographical inequalities in the distribution, rates and absolute counts of child deaths by age. Widespread formation of new particles from condensable vapours observed in the tropical upper troposphere is an important source of cloud condensation nuclei in the lower troposphere, affecting cloud properties. Ultracold gases of dipolar atoms can exhibit fluid and crystalline oscillations at the same time, illuminating the ways in which different kinds of sound propagate in the quantum state of matter known as a supersolid.

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Signals emanating from the nervous system are potent modulators of longevity. It now seems that overall neural excitation is also a key determinant of lifespan. The discovery of a signalling axis that connects nicotine responses in the brain with glucose metabolism by the pancreas sheds light on why cigarette smoking increases the risk of diabetes. How Nature reported an account of whale communication in , and an explanation for jaw deformities in Nearly 30 years ago, a simple chemical principle was reported that enabled the synthesis of a plethora of porous materials — some of which might enable applications ranging from biomedicine to petrochemical processing.

The discovery that cell differentiation can be reversed challenged theories of how cell identity is determined, laying the foundations for modern methods of reprogramming cell identity and promising new regenerative therapies.

News 18 October Denis Rebrikov also told Nature that he does not plan to implant gene-edited embryos until he gets regulatory approval. News 17 October A fleet of geophysical observatories would probe everything from the inner Earth to the upper atmosphere. Editorial 16 October The humble census risks becoming a casualty of the rush to embrace big data.


But it has the potential to save lives. On World Food Day, governments and researchers must commit to more-regular audits of these unseen expenses. Totto Renna. Sydney, Australia, Australia.

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